Khabarovsk - Blagovashchensk

After the challenging riding on the Trans-Siberian Highway from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk we were expecting more of the same. Road and weather conditions thankfully improved - the challenge that remained was covering some serious distance.

Based on a recommendation from Artem and Denis we took a detour from the highway to see Blagga instead of Belogorsk. Along the way we got a great look at the Trans-Siberian Railway with lots of trains going by; had a delicious roadhouse meal served by pretty waitress who was pleased to meet us and explored an old village that felt as though it had been lost in time (except for an amazing 6-wheeled off-road monster vehicle).

After a huge day we arrived at Blagovashchensk too tired to do much more than eat and sleep. We did get a brief look at the town though and it seemed to be a really interesting place. We could also see a city in China just over the river with its Ferris Wheel and bright lights.

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