Vladivostok - Khabarovsk

Well our first riding day was very eventful.

We'll let pictures do the talking, but in brief:

  • We spent 14 hours riding (compared to our estimate of 10)

  • We covered 800 km

  • Getting used to riding on right-hand side of road

  • Dead guy on road while leaving Vladivostok?

  • Street kid wearing gas mask

  • Roads were horrendous – probably 200km of road works

  • We got rained on and freezing cold

  • Lady gave Zane hot coffee cans to warm up hands (which were now blue)

  • Room for improvement regarding improving waterproofing gear

  • Got lost in a bad part of Khabarovsk with the sun going down

  • Hotel kind of like a dungeon

The next day we had to reorganise some luggage, waterproof our gear, change a tyre and rest a little. So we stayed in Khabarovsk for another day. We had the pleasure of meeting Artem Oskin and Denis Doroshkevich – some distant work colleagues of Alex’s. They took us out for lunch and showed us around their city. Thanks guys!

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