A Year Of Preparation


Sitting round a campfire having some drinks on a weekend nearly 12 months ago, Zane and Alex conceived of doing an epic motorbike trip deliberately designed to go the ends of the earth - to set the bar for challenge and adventure as high as we could go.

Todd was soon onboard with the idea and reality began to sink in that we had no idea what we had to do to make the trip a reality.

From that point on there has been endless preparation. Zane and Todd had to buy motorbikes. Zane had to learn to ride!

The bikes needed to be kitted out with tank bags, panniers, bash plates, crash bars, etc.

We needed new camping gear. And GPS units. And intercomms. And riding pants and jackets. And tools, and spare parts. We had to learn to maintain and fix the bikes. Tear them down and put them back together.

We had to research countries, and visas, and plan a route. We had to fill out a million forms and applcations.

We had to plan practice trips and time off work to do them. Organise finances. Get insurance. The list goes on and on.

The following images capture only a glimpse of the work that has gone on over the last 12 months to make the trip a reality. This has been a full time job on top of our full time jobs. It has also been important group bonding - getting to know each others strengths and weaknesses, quirks and qualities.

It's also given us something to talk about. Every day work colleages, friends and family ask questions about the trip. Where are we going now? What's the latest route? Are you sure this is wise? Are you seriously quitting your job to do this? Are you joining IS? Do you have any idea what you are doing? And it has been great bringing everyone along for the ride. Now with this website we hope to bring along a much greater audience than our own friends and family. We hope people from all corners to ask us about the trip; to start discussions about travelling and adventure. Most of all we hope to inspire others to get out and experience some adventure for themselves. Onwards and Upwards!










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