Practice Trip - Kroombit Tops

What we thought was going to be a leisurely one hour afternoon ride to the Kroombit Tops campground turned into a nightmare. We faced seven deep water crossings and had to ride up the slippery Razorback Ridge in darkness. At 11PM, after several hours of riding (and recovering flipped bikes and a lost glove) we were exhausted and the campground was still not close. We decided to camp on the ridge. The next morning we quickly discovered that Zano had a puncture. Having had some practice back home, we were able to fix it in an an hour. We also found that riding the ridge was easier in daylight!

11188294_1576598735926613_6457461819761783457_n (1).jpg




You can watch the start of the creek crossings here (before the GoPro batteries died):

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